The project: Dagens Nyheter is one of Sweden's largest news publishers. We developed a strategy for them, starting with their social media presence and going on into a future publishing platform and organizational structure.

Team: Tage Haun, Johan Renklint, Joakim Runesson, Anders Sjönvall, Lise Skovsted Larsen, Rodolfo Veludo

Role: Researcher, strategist, presenter

The concept: The Newsroom as a heart 

Traditionally it's been rational for any news organization to think of itself as its product, or confusing the sender and the medium if you will. As communication and media changes into multi-part conversation rather than one way messages that is no longer a beneficial self image. At the core of our proposal is the idea that the news room, the people creating the content, should function as a hub through which the conversation travels, much like the blood circulates around the body but always via the heart. 

The observations: The world is mobile

Young people are losing faith in institutions such as banks, governments and media organizations as they seem to represent those in power. Instead they turn to other people, friends and family members for example, as they retain a higher credibility. If Dagens Nyheter enables their journalists to work in a more transparent fashion, such as using Twitter to ask their audience for questions before an interview, they can seem more human than institutional. 

There is a plethora of new services competing for the distribution of news, often focused on a simpler and more comprehensible user experience. As user interaction with news has grown much more varied and complex with the mobile revolution, digital publishing should be treated as multi-medial from the start. A brief headline version for when I'm on the go, the full article for my reading over breakfast, a complimenting video for when I get home from work and want to immerse myself and a display of the Twitter conversation for when I want to react and engage. 

As we use our smart phones for most of our media and communication needs today, any news organization can benefit from being relevant for us in what we already do. In addition to producing news fitting my needs, they can make Spotify playlists of the albums reviewed this week, publish news in Instagram images or make a quiz app for schools where statistics can be compared etc. It's about taking advantage of the opportunities of the internet. 

The implementation: We built an actionplan, starting out with consolidating Dagens Nyheter's social media presence, moving on to hiring a creative technologist, train every employee in how to use new channels, develop more apps, and ultimately rebuilding their whole site/service to reflect the 'bloodstream'.